CHUA WAN PING | President

Wan Ping is currently an Asia Pacific Graduate Trainee (Corporate Affairs) with HEINEKEN. She is passionate about sustainable development and agriculture, and about the Singapore environmental scene. As President of the SSN, she is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for collaboration, and ways in which SSN can better serve the Singapore environmental community.  


JEFFREY TONG | Content Lead

Jeffrey is a final year Environmental Studies major at Yale-NUS College specializing in urban environmental governance. He strongly believes that addressing the challenges of our time requires greater social innovation and thinking in systems. He has previously served as vice-president of the Yale-NUS Sustainability Movement I’dECO, and co-founded two rising environmental education programs targeted at high school students. Jeffrey concurrently works with Yale Data-Driven as a research assistant to analyze global environmental initiatives using data-driven approaches. 


LAI YING TONG | Technology Lead

Ying Tong is a final year student at Yale-NUS College studying Physics and Computer Science. She is passionate about applying technology for societal solutions, and particularly in environmental issues and sustainable development. She is excited about bringing people, resources, and data in the Singaporean environmental scene together through the Sustainable Solutions Network.


JESSICA TENG | Content Team

Jessica is a penultimate student studying Law and Liberal Arts at Yale-NUS College. She's interested in environmental policymaking, particularly in the area of climate change.



TAN WEILIANG | Technology Team

Weiliang is a final year undergraduate at Yale-NUS College majoring in Environmental Studies. He hopes to pursue an academic career in environmental economics focused on comprehensive wealth accounting and macro environmental models. He is interested in using data to capture and connect the Singapore environmental scene through the Sustainable Solutions Network.


WILLIE KHOO | Content Team

Willie is Project Director at Avodah Asia, a startup that aims to deliver off-grid, renewable energy to rural communities in Southeast Asia. He graduated from Yale-NUS College as part of the pioneer class of students, with a BA (Hons) in Environmental Studies and a minor in Anthropology. His work examined the potential of civil society to shift power structures and norms for better environmental outcomes. He has held various research positions at Yale University and Yale-NUS College, focusing on environmental policymaking and management. Willie is also a Fellow at Entrepreneur First and is currently working on a project to leverage blockchain technology for social impact.



Biography coming up. 

ALIF AZAN | Technology Team

Alif is an undergraduate at NUS pursuing a Bachelor in Environmental Studies. He is interested in finding ways towards improving environmental communication and education. He was previously vice-president of NUSSAVE and has led several of the organisation's key initiatives in 2017.