the inaugural ssn conference...

took place on 20 August 2016 at Yale-NUS College. The conference seeks to promote a collaborative culture between environmental stakeholders across the corporate, governmental, academic, and NGO sectors in Singapore to develop joint environmental solutions.

Organized around the overarching theme “Synergisms from the Ground-up: Building Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for a more Sustainable Singapore”, the conference consisted of a plenary session and various problem-solving exercises to allow stakeholders to better understand one another, and generate real solutions and commitments from all participants. 

SSN leverages on your / your organization's strengths, which means you / your organization gets to choose the issue / problem you want to work on. During the course of the day, participants engaged with organizations working with the issue of your choice, from a list of:

1. Food Waste
2. Biodiversity and Education
3. Waste Reduction and Education
4. Food and Agriculture
5. Haze
6. Environmental Education and Engagement

These all led up to the parallel problem solving sessions, where each organization eventually made a commitment to move their respective environmental cause forward. 


For NGOs...

take a break from your daily operations, and participate in a strategy session with your dream partners that will have long-term operational benefits. Collaborate with other NGOs with this pre-competitive effort.  

For corporations and MNCs...

the SSN is more than a way to find resources for strengthening communications; SSN’s format leverages on the key advantages of our corporate partners to deliver solutions with real impact.

For the academic and government sector...

will learn about ground-up efforts, and may find ways to facilitate or build on existing connections between environmental stakeholders.