Imran Rashid, Ground-Up Initiative

For this week's HOSES... We feature Imran Rashid from Ground-Up Initiative, GUI. :)

"Hi! My name is Imran, Imran Rashid. I'm 31 this year, and I've been working at GUI as a full-time farmer since August last year.


Before this I was working in IT for 5 years. I have a diploma in engineering. And... now I'm a farmer.

I got into a major motorbike accident which landed me in a coma for 3 hours, hospitalized for 2 months, and MC for 3 months... That was the turning point for me. I was very lucky to be alive; the doctors told my parents to prepare for the worst. I felt that I was given a second chance.

So I asked myself, you know, what if I died or something happened to me again? Will I be happy with how I've lived my life?

GUI Kampung has really been teaching me how to become the best version of myself, I feel, putting my best and hard work into nature and the world, instead of consuming and consuming. It's taught me how to live in a more mindful way especially when I'm barefooted and working closely with the soil. It makes me feel like I'm doing something for a bigger purpose rather than just for myself.

Here at GUI, we really want people to have a sense of responsibility, from the Ground, Up. Everything here is done by us ourselves and the volunteers from the sweeping, to the upkeep. And we do this not because we have to, but because we WANT to.

Recently, GUI has been exploding. We have a lot of people coming and we're expanding. I feel that we're in the precipice of something big, and I really feel really grateful to be a part of this, even if it's a small part - it's something that I'm looking forward to for my life."


This excerpt is part of a photojournalism project about Singapore's farming scene by Kimberly Hoong.

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