Michael Broadhead, Earthfest Singapore

What is your name, and the name of your organization? 
Michael (Mike) Broadhead, from Animal Allies / EarthFest.

Use one sentence to describe your organization.
We inspire people to make more compassionate, healthy and sustainable choices in Singapore.

Tell us one exciting project you are working on right now!
One exciting project we are working on right now is a Starter Kit for plant-based food in restaurants. The starter kit helps business owners, chefs and manager understand the business case for having plant-based options. It then goes through examples of success stories and practical tips on how to develop dishes and find resources like suppliers and consultants.
Another exciting project in EarthFest 2018. In January 2018, Marina Barrage will feature the launch of the Sustainable Singapore gallery Earthfest will continue to build upon its food festival, maker fair and carnival concept!

What is one interesting thing you’ve read/ watched/ attended lately?
The film “Minimalism”.
(Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Co1Iptd4p4)

Who/ what inspires you?
My fellow volunteers at Earthfest and Animal Allies!

What are your hopes for Singapore’s environmental future?
I hope there will be greater awareness for how diet impacts sustainability, and I hope to create greater incentives for more sustainable eating. 

To get in touch with Mike, drop an email at Me@mikebroadhead.com

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