Entomological Network of Singapore (ENSING)

This week on Humans of Singapore's Environmental Scene (HOSES), we are pleased to introduce to you the Entomological Network of Singapore (ENSING)!

Tell us a little about what ENSING does.
We are a group of individuals who are strongly passionate about insects. We are curious about all aspects of entomology (i.e. the study of insects), including their biology, behavior, relationships with other organisms (ourselves included) and the important roles they play in our native ecosystems. We established ENSING to promote knowledge and a greater appreciation for these fascinating, important, but also often misunderstood group of animals.

Tell us one project that you're working on right now.
We are initiating a research study to investigate and document the under-studied entomofauna (i.e., insects!) of Sisters Island. As we're still in the early planning stages, we aren't able to provide information at this point. But we hope to share updates in the near future.

Who/ what inspires you?
E. O. Wilson and his forward-thinking approach to science and conservation.
For example, one of Wilson's main tenets is the discovery, documentation and conservation of smaller organisms of our world. His approach counters widely practiced, traditional conservation approaches that center on a few iconic large animals and flowering plants. Wilson places great emphasis on conserving the "unseen" organisms, from insects to microbes, which represent a massive proportion of life on Earth. They are all integral to the health of the whole planet, including our human societies.

What are your hopes for Singapore’s environmental future?
That through citizen science and exploration, our people will come to recognize and cherish the value of our precious ecosystems and unique biodiversity, even for the uncharismatic microfauna.

Truly inspiring indeed! Thank you ENSING for pioneering an unconventional, but nonetheless essential aspect of conservation in Singapore.

To find out more about ENSING, do contact them at: https://www.facebook.com/entomologysingapore/

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