Our work at the Sustainable Solutions Network (SSN) began with a single idea: the best way to achieve sustainability is to do it together.

With the key mission to build collaboration among Singapore's environmental scene, the SSN first took shape as a proposal to the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). The team was then invited to present at the IARU Global University Climate Forum in Paris at the sidelines of the landmark COP21 climate change negotiations in December 2015. The Forum demonstrated the importance of collaboration, and rooted our approach to engage a wide range of stakeholders in the community. 

Therafter, we engaged in discussions with more than 30 environmental leaders and organizations in Singapore, cutting across the public and private sector. With the ideas and inspiration from our partners, the Sustainable Solutions Portal was launched at our inaugural conference on 20th August 2016, an event graced by Senior Minister of State Dr Amy Khor. The portal today seeks to provide support for anyone or any organisation with an interest in sustainability issues to quickly identify potential partner or volunteer organisations.

Since then, we have continued to improve and expand upon our portal functions, and strived to be an accessible resource for all environmental stakeholders in Singapore. We have also expanded to publish an occasional environmental events review column. In 2018, in line with Singapore's Year of Climate Action, our team will be exploring innovative ways to further support organisations and individuals in the sustainability ecosystem to achieve their intended goals.

Join us on this journey. 


The SSN team  

The SSN is an independent entity not affiliated with any institution.