Earthlink NTU



  • Nature: Outreach to 1000 people via our nature walks and booths in events such as Greenfest and Festival of Biodiversity to bring across the message of how climate change is affecting our environment, the importance of conserving our ecosystems and how to coexist with wildlife as human-wildlife interaction gets more commonplace in Singapore
  • Resources: Make good progress towards NTU’s 2020 goals of 35% reduction in energy, water and waste intensity by 2020 (with the baseline being 2011 data)
  • Technology: Launch RevAmpS - our student-driven initiative to create a mobile app that helps the NTU population lead a smarter and sustainable lifestyle on campus - and build a user base of 3000 NTU students and staff.


In advocating environmental sustainability, Earthlink NTU has picked out 3 themes to focus on: Nature, Resources and Technology. For each theme, we will work on the following aspects:


  • Infrastructure: Introducing more platforms and infrastructure that helps to promote climate action 
  • Awareness: Organising campaigns that our target audience can relate better to, bringing across the message of the need for urgent action, the rationale for doing so and what they can do about it
  • Community: Creating communities of like-minded individuals to help promote awareness about climate issues and sustain these climate-friendly actions we advocate for
  • Capability Building: Building the capabilities of our members by infusing lessons and ideas from marketing, psychology and data analytics in our campaign design, ensuring that our members gain useful skills and knowledge out of their Earthlink experience
  • Ground-Up Initiatives: Generating more opportunities for ground-up initiatives from the NTU population to be created and ensuring that they achieve their goals
  • Stakeholder Management: Engaging our stakeholders, sharing with them about the Year of Climate Action and what they can do about it




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