Singapore has been named as one of the top ten major hubs for the illegal wildlife trade globally. ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society) aims to tackle the illegal wildlife trade and promote greater public awareness of animal welfare issues.



In 2015, ACRES rescued over 3,000 wild animals, reached out to over 21,000 people raising awareness on how we can all work together to end animal cruelty, and conducted numerous undercover investigations into wildlife crime. There are now 170 animals being cared for at the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre (AWRC); all victims of the cruel illegal wildlife trade. ACRES runs a range of community education and outreach programmes to get people in involved in global wildlife protection campaigns.


CURRENTLY SEEKING: Donations in kind needed on a continuous basis, and volunteers

  1. Fuel vouchers (Diesel for our rescue and education vans).
  2. Supermarket gift vouchers to buy food for animals.
  3. Gift vouchers from electrical appliances/furniture shops.
  4. Gift vouchers from pet shops to buy treats or food for ACRES’ dogs. (that do not sell live animals).
  5. Gift hampers for lucky draws/ACRES events.



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