To reach out to 1000 people through our events and outreach booths by the end of the year


PROJECT 1: Sea Our Shores

A series of workshops to raise awareness and action about Singapore's shores, in conjunction with International Year of the Reef.

Start Date: 1 December 2017

End Date (Expected): 31 December 2018

Status: In progress

Expected Impact: 400 people to attend workshops, convert 4 people to start volunteering with various nature groups, 12 crowd-sourced ideas to different stakeholders in the marine community

Project Partners: WildSingapore, Celebrating Singapore's Shores, Our Singapore Reefs


PROJECT 2: PublicAction

Reading circles where people come together to read government publications and provide feedback on them

Start Date: 11 April 2018

End Date (Expected): 11 July 2018

Status: Design and conceptualization

Expected Impact: 20 people to read 2 government publications and provide feedback on them to the government

Project Partners: Singapore Youth for Climate Action


CONTACT: Xiang Tian, Co-founder




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