Climate Conversations



To host 100 intimate, meaningful conversations on climate change, reaching 1,000 Singaporeans.


PROJECT 1: Climate Conversations

We train facilitators to be able to conduct highly structured conversation that links climate change to our personal values, creating a deep personal motivation to act. We do offline events to invite people to host these conversations for their family and friends, reaching out beyond our environmental circle.

Start Date: 1 January 2018

End Date (Expected): 15 December 2018

Status: In progress

Expected Impact: We believe any long lasting change on climate change must come from value system changes. Our target is to reach 1000 people this year, creating this value system change.

CURRENTLY SEEKING: We received startup funding from Awesome Foundation. We are looking for grant funding, especially funding that will cover staff costs. As our facilitator pool and engaged individual pool grows, we will need full time staff to better engage our volunteers.


PROJECT 2: Development Training

We started with 2 training sessions for other green NGOs to help them develop capacity to engagement volunteers better and for the long term. Based on the very positive feedback, we will continue these training sessions this year.

Start Date: 1 June 2018

End Date (Expected): 15 December 2018

Status: Design and conceptualization

Expected Impact: At least 20 key individuals in 5 green groups in Singapore trained. 


CURRENTLY SEEKING: In-kind location and materials support.

CONTACT: Xinying Tok

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