for a conference format that would deliver real solutions was developed after consultations with more than 30 green individuals / organizations in Singapore. The theme “Synergisms from the ground-up: Building Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for a more Sustainable Singapore”, highlights the focus on the practitioner for this year’s conference. What are the roles that green organizations currently play in Singapore today? How may we broaden or expand that?


The Practitioner Approach

Our conference has pre-selected 6 green organizations in Singapore. These organizations were selected because the environmental issue they seek to solve, and their operational challenges may be solved through multi-stakeholder collaboration. The topics covered by the green organizations are:

1. Food Waste
2. Biodiversity and Education
3. Waste Reduction and Education
4. Food and Agriculture
5. Haze
6. Environmental Education and Engagement


Value Chain Analysis

Our conference seeks to evaluate the environmental issues with a value chain approach. Where does the practitioner fit in the entire chain of the environmental issue? Are there places where other stakeholders are more relevant? Is the practitioner able to change or alter its place in the value chain to achieve greater scale?


Operational resolution

Finally, our conference looks at ways in which collaboration could resolve operational challenges. This is where needs are matched, and organizations can leverage on their key strengths to develop efficient solutions to operational difficulties.